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Meet the workers


Our goal is to increase the number of workers and the number of schools we cover.


Currently, COBIS has a presence in

  • Blacktown Girls High

  • Seven Hills High

  • Doonside Technology High

  • Evans High

  • Mitchell High

  • Wyndham College

Bay Ayling

I'm known in the community as Bay! I'm currently at Doonside High.


I love the communities I am working in and have a real heart to see the students come out of school with a positive attitude towards their future, as well as a better understanding of God and His love for them as they are.


I like to work with my hands and enjoy doing projects with students where they can engage in an activity as well as discuss life. I also enjoy sharing Jesus with them through the opportunities of SRE classes within a local team of volunteers.


My wife and I are blessed with 3 boys! They make us have a fast pace of life but we enjoy every minute of it!


We are missionaries with Power to Change, passionate about our community and praise God for the opportunities He puts before us.

Bernadette Coleman

I grew up in a household of non-believers. In 1997 I was a student at Mitchell High School. A new Christian, who since moving back to Sydney, had no Christian contacts. There was no SRE or Christian group, I didn’t even know they existed in schools.


By 1998 I had moved to a Christian school and was receiving a lot of discipleship and Christian teaching but on my heart was how lost Christians can be in public high schools. By 2004 I was on the COBIS Committee representing my church and in 2006 I graduated with a Bachelor of Ministries from the Presbyterian Theological Centre in Burwood and began working as youth worker at Church and doing two days in Mitchell High School along with volunteer SRE teaching at Evans High School. I also now work at Blacktown Girls High School.


Churches working together to change the lives of young people by introducing people to Jesus. Presenting a united front within the school communities and serving them with love. 



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